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игра с выводом денег мой сад

Игра с выводом денег мой сад

In fact, the игра с выводом денег мой сад person so far игры деньги дурак to be worthy of any law enforcement scrutiny is not any of the billionaires avoiding taxes, but the whistleblowing source of the IRS leak.

Such assumptions, in fact, reflect deep bias and privilege by the people making them. Over the last few weeks, we have witnessed a blanket assumption that billionaires would never even attempt to stretch or violate the rules. We are led to believe that when it comes to taxes, what tycoons, aristocrats, scions, and Masters of the Universe do is not merely permissible, but perfectly legal - as in the rules are not merely followed, but deeply respected.

It is a familiar benefit of the doubt: Billionaires may give a lot of cash to politicians, but they are hardly ever reported on as if they are explicitly corrupt. They may leverage their philanthropic empires to boost their business interests, but they are almost never depicted as crooked.

They may pay a lower tax rate than everyone else, but they are rarely depicted игра с выводом денег мой сад the media as outright scofflaws. Few are daring to ask how many of these schemes existed in the gray area игра с выводом денег мой сад legal tax avoidance and impermissible tax evasion. Even fewer are suggesting the findings should prompt any kind of government probe of sophisticated tax shelters and circumvention tactics. For instance, after using a one-time gift of free tuition to generate positive headlines for himself, Vista Equity Partners billionaire Robert Smith last year settled a игра с выводом денег мой сад criminal case over tax evasion.

Similarly, UBS, Credit Рулетка кто выиграет онлайн, HSBC, and KPMG have paid fines to settle Justice Department cases uncovering their roles in игра с выводом денег мой сад tax evasion - and in the process some of them have confessed to criminal wrongdoing.

Then came a report from Harvard University researchers showing that about three quarters of that tax gap is from underpayment by the wealthiest 1 percent. The takeaway: The richest 1. It is one thing to benefit from such a presumption in a court of law, which everyone deserves. But why on a cultural level - in the public imagination - are we led to just assume that magnates must be following all the rules when they avoid paying billions in taxes.

The banks and accounting firms in the aforementioned tax evasion cases were given deferred prosecution agreements. The bias игра с выводом денег мой сад clear: In a nation where white-collar crime is almost never prosecuted, crime is seen by the government as something that only poor people do. This perception is reinforced by a press corps operating with its own игра с выводом денег мой сад concerns. News outlets quick to convict the poor via sensational headlines are hesitant to do the same to billionaires who can weaponize media марафон рулетка онлайн - and who bankroll the political and media ecosystem itself.

Those billionaires are the owners of television stations and newspapers. They are the benefactors of think tanks and universities who employ the pundit class.

They pay talking heads for speeches. They can take matters to court with unlimited resources, bankrupting media outlets that cross them. They are the donors who bankroll the politicians around which news revolves - the political fundraisers who get themselves legislative favors and then hold wine-cave galas with congressional leaders and presidential candidates.

The superrich, in short, provide the financial manna on which the political and media class relies for survival. And игра с выводом денег мой сад between their style-section игра с выводом денег мой сад pieces and their glossy magazine profiles, billionaires may occasionally be игра время деньги отзывы as a bit too powerful and greedy - but they are rarely depicted in ways that might allow an audience to consider the possibility that they are robber barons, oligarchs, or straight-up criminals, even when they are driving getaway cars full of moolah.]



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Игра с выводом денег мой сад



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Игра с выводом денег мой сад



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Игра с выводом денег мой сад



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